ALWAYS conduct a home visit before finalizing placement. If it differs from the pellets and hay that you use be sure the applicant realizes that youll be providing a small quantity of what theyre eating now so that a gradual transition in the chins diet can be made, to avoid GI distress. Please give us a several days to get back to you as we are very busy caring for the chinchillas and receive many applications. Videos. Paying a fee for a pet shows good faith on the part of the new owner and demonstrates their willingness to properly care for the animal. List Your Pets. WE DO NOT BREED CHINCHILLAS. We travel throughout CT, MA, RI, NH, VT and areas of NY, ME and sometimes PA. Dont be afraid of putting off someone by asking questions! Not well-bred the people would say, cant keep him when he looks that way. of California Chins. If you have a chinchilla that you can no longer care for and wish to surrender him/her to our rescue, you can email us. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. If anything is significantly awry, or if you get a bad feeling and have misgivings, trust your instincts and politely decline to complete the transfer. We provide a healthy, loving home for unwanted and neglected chinchillas with permanent housing in our rescue and through adoptions. We also do not recommend chinchillas for classrooms of any kind or any age group. Disclaimer: It is impossible for list keepers to guarantee the character or legitimacy of those who volunteer online as rescue services and the ones presented here derive chiefly from online lists or website claims. 3. Gus is a Chinchilla rescue chinchilla for adoption in Lowell, Massachusetts. Unless the exotics specialist vet takes measures such as those observed in Whispers case, to ensure the eye wont continue to ooze white, thickened, protective/lubricating conjunctival secretions after being sewn shut, it would be in the best interests of the chin to leave the sockets open. Learn More.. Are you looking for a location near you that takes in rescue chinchillas? Always check first with the Animal Abuse Crime Database and The National Animal Abuse Registry. Chinchillas are very happy, feisty critters and have a tremendous amount of energy. They were part of someones family. Chinchillas And Cats Can They Live Together? Chins who are offered for adoption have completed a quarantine period of not less than two weeks. Chinchilla. Adoption fees are charged in order to offset the cost of the chinchilla's care and any vet bills. Photos. Search for chinchilla rescue chinchillas for adoption near Brockton, Massachusetts. Be aware that most rescue services that take in chinchillas are either small animal rescues or pet chinchilla breeders who also do a rescue as their contribution to preventing overpopulation; when contacting them you can specify your interest in adopting a rescued chinchilla. Most domesticated rodents like hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, and mice live for less than ten years. We do not have a 'revolving door' on our rescue. Posts. 10 Essential Chinchilla Cage Ideas For Your Furry Friend, Male Vs Female Chinchilla (Differences Between Male Vs Female Chinchilla), 8 Methods To Identify Chinchilla Dying Symptoms, Signs Of A Healthy Chinchilla And How To Take Care Of Your Chinchilla, Lists of Vets Worldwide (ChinCare Vet Resources), Change By Choice (CbC): A Future For Animals, Resources Supplier For Chinchillas and Other Pets, Confronting Animal Abuse and Cruelty with ChinCare, ChinCare Chinchilla Rescue Report and Experiences, Unwilling to let visitors see the facilities where animals are kept, Unwilling to say how many animals are actually present, Little effort made to adopt, and much effort focused on the acquisition, Continued acquisition in the face of declining care for existing animals, Claims of being able to provide excellent lifetime care for animals with special needs (paralyzed, feline leukemia positive, extreme aggression) without verifiable resources, Number and staff and/ or volunteers inconsistent with the number of animals, Desire to receive animals at a remote location rather than on-site. In some cases we can pick up chinsat your home or meet you, but most surrenders are brought to the shelter in South China, Maine. He is housed at Lowell Humane Society. Any bird, mammal, or reptile that may be kept without a permit from the Massachusetts Update: 9/19/22 We are in the process of contacting all of the owners on this page to verify and update all information. All photos and written material provided by Andrea Kundrotas except where noted. Return home with your chin and pursue other options, dont compromise your chins future for anything! A good adoption candidate will understand your position, welcome questions, and be prepared to answer them. Bunchers look for cheap deals and often comb neighborhoods and newspapers in their search for stray and free animals. An adoption application MUST be filled out in full for any chinchilla listed to be considered for an adoption. %%EOF email us (207) 626-0130 Surrender Form PDF Online Surrender Form About Maine Chinchilla Shelter hbbd``b`z$@'Pa ( D Tips for your Search The truth is, there is no such thing as a free pet anyway A responsible person who would properly take care of an animal will understand this and will not be opposed to paying a reasonable fee for a healthy pet, especially if some or all of these health items have already been taken care of.(ref-, People value what they pay for. The decision was then made for my eyes to be removed. When you are certain that you have found a reputable rescue service to take in your chinchilla, arrange to make a home visit in person to deliver your chinchilla to his new home. What is the difference between adopting a dog, adopting a cat, adopting a kitten or adopting a puppy versus getting dogs for sale, cats for sale, puppies for sale or kittens for sale from a dog breeder or a cat breeder? WE DO NOT BREED CHINCHILLAS. We can help. Worn out mother, father unknown, the runt of the litter, in a world alone. Although there are only 17 Class B dealers selling random source dogs and cats for research, there are thousands of suppliers [bunchers and they deal in many other pets besides dogs and cats] to the dealers. NWI Chinchilla Rescue. ` Pf* MSPCA Boston Animal Care And Adoption Center. are many groups that provide chinchilla rescue services all over the New knowledge is being gained all the time to better care for them. Important Note by ChinCare: According to R&J Chinchilla Rescue, before their vet sewed Whispers eyes shut he removed Whispers lachrymal gland (produces tears, is located at the top of the eye) and tear ducts. 2003 - 2023 Forever Feisty Chinchilla Rescue, Inc. All rights reserved. Search our Shelter Directory. ), and more likely to be abused and/or discarded, because there are plenty more where that came from! A recent study at one animal shelter yielded the startling statistic that 51% of all owner-surrendered dogs had been purchased for less than $100; 41% of all owner-surrendered dogs had been obtained Free to Good Home. We highly encourage all chinchilla guardians to educate themselves fully about these beautiful and wonderful animals. A free pet is a disposable pet! When properly cared for, a chinchilla can live up to 20 years. We arent sure what the problem was but it soon went away. along with the Adoption Policy page before contacting us or applying for an application of adoption. Chinchillas - Danvers, MA. Many people think that running a rescue is an easy task, but I can assure you, it is not. We do not allow anyone to drop off chinchillas at our rescue. If chins arrive with illness or injury theyare only offered for adoption when they are healthy. The homeless crisis is very prevalant in the Northeast and increasing in other parts of the country. In a sense, these chins were once someones babies. *Be aware that rescue resources come and go, especially in hard economic times. More. To try to help people who need to re-home their chinchillas, we do a Courtesy Listing for them. We provide a healthy, loving home for unwanted and neglected chinchillas with permanent housing in our rescue and through adoptions. Have the applicant read and acknowledge that The Essentials will be provided as described. Whether you're an experienced chin owner or a total newbie, we'll introduce you to chinchilla ownership and equip you with information. Rescue Programs for Chins and Other Exotics. As for adopting, fees usually run from $50 to $100. Click on the state where you would like to find a rescue location and it will take you to each person who might be available to assist in that particular state. These are wonderful animals, but they do require specific care and with proper care/diet can live 15-20+ years! 12.47 Washington. Since September 2003, we have been a non-profit, NO KILL, full time volunteer based rescue which has provided a safe haven for unwanted and neglected chinchillas. Most rescues do not charge a fee to surrender a chinchilla. One of the most disturbing trends in animal hoarding cases is that of a person hoarding under the guise of being a legitimate animal shelter, sanctuary, adoption agency, or rescue group. Transportation may be arranged through rescue volunteers, when available. Some of these animals are often obtained by people called bunchers who collect animals for Class B dealers who then sell the animals to medical laboratories. Having Timmy with me ensures I dont come to any harm in my cage and we are very good at knowing when someone is close- we know the difference between someone coming with a treat or medicine. When someone is breeding puppies or breeding kittens, they are creating new dogs and cats who need homes. This information has been placed on as a means of easier access to direct information. Chins are not right for every situation, and that is the reason I ask so many questions. (219) 789-0026. view our pets. We do not recommend chinchillas for young children. Please be patient. Be aware that a rescue service will not buy your chinchilla, that is what classifieds are for. for nothing is NOT the right choice: FTGH puts a chins life in danger! Return home with your chin and pursue other options, dont compromise your chins future for anything! DESPERAUX. This federal law sets the minimum standards of care for animals and requires accurate record-keeping on their acquisition and disposition. Find Rabbits . We will make arrangements with you to pick up the chinchilla at your residence (which, of course, makes it much easier for you). All adopterscomplete an application and education process, so you can be assured your chin will be placed in a safe and loving home. We work closely with the local high school where we volunteer as job coaches to teach the special needs students valuable vocational skills by assembling our store items. Our rescue is devoted exclusively to chinchillas and we are the only full time chinchilla rescue in the New England area. Adopt a rescue chinchilla through PetCurious. It is at the discretion of the Forever Feisty Chinchilla Rescue to approve or reject any applicant that we feel would or would not be the best guardian or enviroment for a chinchilla. ,we will contact you to schedule a date & time for transfer. We gladly open our doors to those interested in learning more about these unique pets. Sadly, Class B dealers routinely deny these animals sufficient food, water, and veterinary care before they are sold off to laboratories. (ref- We provide awareness of the hardships and mass breeding of chinchillas on ranches for pelting and the pet industry. Our Methuen and Boston Adoption Center has open adoption hours listed on the main location page. There Legs too long, head too small, didnt notice the heart at all. Hundreds of thousands of animals are used as laboratory subjects in universities and testing and research institutions every year. Our rescue specializes in chinchillas and we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no kill organization. NOTE: It is impossible for list keepers to guarantee the character or legitimacy of those who volunteer online as rescue services! See: ChinCares Adoption Contract/Qualification Assessment.doc, (Sites that list rescue services, including individuals who do rescue but dont have a website). We also provide awareness of the hardships and mass breeding of chinchillas on ranches for the pelting and pet industries. You are expected to provide an appropriate and safe cage and supplies before any adoption will take place. By Country: Canada Spain USA. Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Chinchilla. That is your right and duty as a responsible, caring chinparent, to prevent tragedies like hoarding, neglect, and abuse. 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